I need help making my appointment

I am new to taking online bookings so I apologise if it isn't as simple as it could be. If you notice something that needs work, or can't use the Book Now function for any reason, please reach out and let me know so I can help - either by the contact page here or phoning the salon during business hours. 

Can I park nearby?

Yes! Of course you can. There is a grassed area located to the side of the building that is perfect for parking when you are at your appointment. Access is via Farley Street.

 I need to change my appointment…

I get it! Life happens and sometimes we need to reschedule. Please just give the salon a quick call (during opening hours) as soon as you know you can’t make it and I can rearrange your time and day. I’d prefer a call and reschedule than not turning up, this allows other clients to fill your spot.

-Please note that after a no show (without notice) you may be required to pay a non refundable booking fee to secure your next appointment. 

 Do you have a toilet?

Why yes! Located conveniently just outside our back door. Just ask for the key at your appointment if needed.

Can i bring my dog?

Whilst we all love puppy pats and cuddles it is preferred to leave your pooch at home. If this is not an option, just let me know prior to your appointment and we can schedule an appointment time that will not interfere with another clients service ( some people have allergies and fears relating to dogs). Any dog must be toilet trained and be great with humans :)

I can't find a babysitter?

I'm a mum too. I get it! Your kids are welcome, however a safe working place is essential. Bring something to occupy their time and snacks ( we all love snacks, right!?) if needed. If you are booked for a long service I'd suggest moving our appointment time to a more suitable time when you can enjoy a relaxing visit.

I only ask that if your kids are present that they please do not touch anything on my work trolleys or front desk and that the back room is out of bounds to the littlies as I use chemicals and sharp implements. I would hate for them to injure themselves.